Thursday, October 20, 2011

Holy Hair

For the entire 24 almost 25 years I have been alive I have always had frizzy, dry, oily, curly hair that I hated. I would try everything to make it work for me and I have finally found a routine that works for me. I owe almost all of this success to joining Sam's Club. My husband and I were in there a while back and I needed some new shampoo and conditioner so I went browsing. I came across Suave Professionals Sleek for dry or frizzy hair. (I will insert pics) and I figured "hey...why not". Oh my gosh....after the first wash it felt like someone elses hair completely. I was scared it was just that "first use" feeling but nope...after 2 or so weeks it still feels like that after every wash. So let me break down the routine for you...

All of the products I use...

So the first thing I do is wash my hair. Just the standard washing. I do let the conditioner sit in my hair a bit in a clip. Timing just depends on how long I have and if I have to shave my legs or not. Even if I don't have time to let it sit I still get the same effect. Here is a close up of the shampoo and conditioner.

Once I get out of the shower I put my hair up in a twirly towel aka towel turban. I let it sit while I brush my teeth and put on my toner and moisturizer. I then take my hair out of the towel and blot the excess from the ends. I then use the Infusion 23 #3 Leave-in treatment Repair and Renew. I don't know if this makes any difference whatsoever but I figure it can't hurt. I put it into a spray bottle and spray maybe 4-5 sprays on top and 1 on the ends specifically. I then use my got2b Guardian angel gloss finish blow-out lotion. This stuff is amazing as well. I spray about the same amount as I do the Infusion23. I then brush out my hair with a cricket brush like this one...
These are my absolute all time favorite brushes. I use this one to brush it out because it has wider teeth and I am FAR too lazy to use a comb. The infusion and blow-out lotion make it super easy to brush through your hair. I then blow dry my hair using that brush as well as a cricket paddle brush (thin one). As my hair starts to get dryer I use a round brush just because the closer together bristles help brush out the curls in my hair. My only blowdrying tip is to make sure your dryer points down the hair shaft to minimize frizz. Once my hair is completely dry I straighten it. I do 3 sections so ear to ear, temple to temple, and then the top. I use a Chi straightener that is decorated like fruit stripe joke. Sorry I don't have a picture. Before I straighten each section I spray on my got2b Guardian Angel Gloss finish flat iron balm. I spray 3 sprays on the bottom two sections and then 2 sprays on the top section. Sometimes I'll do another spray on just the ends. Then I just straighten my hair. This is absolutely the routine I will stick to as long as the products are made. Normally after 3-4 hours my hair gets frizzy or super oily and I put it up. My hair stays silky and straight for all 12 hours of work...pretty impressive. I hope this helps someone else :)

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  1. I would have never guessed you had frizzy, curly hair. I love got2be products.