Saturday, May 22, 2010


My absolute newest obsession is the bluish pink blush in the coastal scents 10 color blush palette. Seriously it is amazing! It looks scary and is even more terrifying when you see how much goes onto your brush but it is beautiful. I got the idea for it once TiffanyD did her perfect blush application video. I think that was it at least. But she suggested using a bluish tone which I am shocked at how pretty it is. I have a very pinky skin tone when i'm warm so this bluish tint goes on so pretty. I'll post a picture to show exactly which one I love.
(Top Center) It is much more vivid in person

In other news Sex and the City 2 comes out next week. I'm super excited about it. I got hooked on SATC many years ago when it would come on tbs at 11 and 11:30 each night. Then one Christmas my mom bought me all the dvds and I watched them all the way through in like 2 days and it was ridiculous. I had watched them all on tv so the HBO version...umm not the same at all.  I just really really love the show. I know some people say it's silly and stupid and whorish or whatever but I just feel like it's a great plot line and the characters are so likeable. Needless to say my butt will be watching it as soon as I can and then i'll add the dvd to my collection as soon as it's out.  Now I feel like I need to re watch it from the very beginning. Are there any other SATCaholics out there???

My other love is the To The Beach collection. I plan on getting the pink blush which I believe is hipness. I also plan on getting the marine life powder which is just amazing by itself. I might also get the golden lipgloss which looks perfect for summer. These are my anniversary gifts so I get so much money to spend on whatever. I have to balance that amount between make up and new pants. As you all know if you watched my OOTD none of my pants fit me at all. I was wearing a size 12 and now i'm in a size 8 so my 12's make me look like a fool. I really want the powder, blush and also mac's creme blush in lady blush. Then I have to decide where I can maximize my money on pants. Even though most of you probably don't like it I'll definitely be at walmart where the jeans are are super cheap and awesome :) Just like your mom ;)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Time for Some Bitching

Ugh these are driving me crazy. It sucks because some of my favorite people are doing them but I refuse to get on twitter and be forced to buy shit for a dog I don't even have. I totally understand making money on youtube and even on blogs. Those are tailored towards the topic I'm watching. I'd expect to watch a big guru do a video on CoverGirl and then see a CoverGirl ad by their video. Hello...that makes sense. But no I don't want to create movies, buy dog food, buy sunglasses or any of the above stupid stuff. It seems really desperate to me and disrespectful. I completely agree that it is your twitter and you can post whatever you want but there is a difference between writing about a topic people don't like and greedily posting ridiculous ads to make a few bucks. Hate me if you want to but don't get pissed when you try to DM me and it says "i'm sorry but Callisonannee isn't following you". Thanks but if I wanted to be apart of your money scam then I'd jump on that bandwagon too.

This reminds me of another thing I hate..."Please RT I'm trying to get to 1 million subscribers and i'm only 999,999 away!!!". Dear person, I'm already following you...meaning I already am subscribed to you. I don't want to be constantly spammed with you begging me to beg other people to subscribe. Honestly I don't want people just to subscribe to me because Jimmy John asks them to. Before I get hated on, yes i've had shoutouts before but I didn't ask for them. I may have said on twitter "wow i'm only 5 away from 100" but I have NEVER posted my own link and or begged for a retweet. Y'all will realize this when I get to hold my first contest (once I get some money). Once I post the video I will mark in my email the last subscriber and only those previously subscribed may enter the contest. I feel like contests are for people who actually watch my videos and not people who subscribe, enter the contest, bitch about losing and then unsubscribe. No thanks!

Shew...I feel better now :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Random Questions about me :)

1) How old are you? 23
2) Eye Colour? Blue, Green and Brown
3) Natural Hair Colour? Light brown with blonde highlights
4)Skin Type? It will get oily if it's really hot or I don't use a good foundation
5) How tall are you? 5'7
6) Relationship Status? Married
7) Longest Relationship? We have been married a year on May 24th and dating 7 yrs on July 7th
8) Your Lucky number? 2, 11, 22

1) Favorite Food? Sushi, Buffalo Wings
2) Favorite Drink? the punch my Nanny makes (grandmother)
3) Favorite Alcoholic Drink? Alabama Slammer :)
4) Favorite Room in the house? Bathroom..I LOVE my bathtub
5) Favorite Colour? Green
6) Favorite Smell? The cold smell of a freezer or ice bin..I love it
7) Favorite Country? US of A
8) Fvaorite Song? Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard
9) Favorite Youtube Guru's? Lorraine, Elle, Elise, Megan, Pixiwoo sisters, and Tiffany
10) Favorite Animal?

1) Rain or Wind? Wind
2) Hot or Cold? Hot
3) Coke or Lemonade? Coke
4) Tan or Natural Look? Tan (not to an extreme)
5) Highend Makeup or Drugstore? If money isn't an option - High end
6) DVD or Cinema? Cinema if it's multi level seating
7) Half Empty or Half Full? Half Full
8) Loved up or Single? Loved Up
9) Big Spender or Bargain Hunter? I buy a lot of bargain :)
10) Kisses or Hugs? Hugs

Makeup Related
1) Foundation at the moment? Revlon Colorstay
2) Natural Nudes or Statement Show? Natural Nudes
3) Lipstick at the moment? Mac Viva Glam V
4) Favorite all time NailPolish Colour? Revlon Wine with Everything
5) Favorite makeup Brush? Sigma SS 150
6) Blush or Bronzer? Blush....I despise bronzer
7) Everything Slapped on your face right now? Nothing at all :)
8) Mascara at the moment? L'Oreal carbon black telescopic

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Operation Move

Ahhh I am officially moved :) I am so excited to be in a new place (parents house) and out of that apartment. Don't get me wrong though, I loved our apartment but the location was horrible. We were across a drawbridge which was under construction and we were sorta kinda trapped during the weeknights. Sunday-Thurs from like 11-4 AM the bridge was closed to all traffic except for emergency personnel. Meaning the only way to get to the mainland was to drive 40 minutes out of the way rather than literally cross the damn bridge. It was a total pain also because when they aren't doing construction it is a working bridge on a very busy channel of water. It can open every 30 min. and let me just tell you sailboats take a long ass time to get through. All in all I will miss our first apartment as a married couple just not the location it was in.

The cats LOVE my parents house. They have never been anywhere this big and I think they are still a little awestruck by it. They explore each room and constantly head up and down the stairs. As I sit and watch tv I hear them running the length of the house and then sliding on the wood floor after hauling ass down the staircase. It's so funny. Plus Brewer, our less talkative male cat, has been meowing non-stop. I swear he just likes the sound of his voice in a big open space. That or he is yelling to his sister "omg look what else I found in here". It's too cute and we both totally love it.

Most of my stuff has been moved and Clay is staying here with me until he moves in at school in July. I'm so happy he is staying here and that I even got him to stay here tonight :). We are heading back to the apartment tomorrow to pack up some more stuff and then soon we will be canceling our cable which will be awesome. Totally excited for a cheaper cable cable is WAY too expensive. We still have my love seat to bring to my parents house and then our big sofa to take to the storage unit. Our washer and dryer also have to go and that will be a pain as well. It's good though because we don't technically have to be out until the end of the month so we will have lots of time to clean and get everything done before the final carpet clean and move out day. We are praying we get our deposit back as long as they don't notice the on the carpet :). Luckily they don't do that anymore but as kittens they just thought it was a fun scratching toy. Clay is going to try to trim the frayed edges and camouflage it as best as we can.

All in all it was a successful day and hopefully with a yucky rainy week ahead we can get a lot done. I start school on the 25th :( booo

Friday, May 14, 2010

Callie = Not Fashionable

As I look through many of the fashion blogs and fashion websites I come to a sad reality - I am NOT fashionable. At least not to anyone who matters. I am one of those people that finds something that works for me and I stick with it forever. I try new things but I don't look to Cosmo or Elle or any of the 1000's of fashion magazines to pick my next outfit. I figured I'd do a quick post on some of my biggest fashion pet peeves because obviously I am someone to look to for fashion *eye roll*

1) Booties - These drive me crazy. If you are going to wear a boot then wear a boot...don't wear a half-assed boot. It's just bad. Wearing them at all bothers me, wearing them WITH shorts or a short skirt physically pains me. It's just a fashion trend that I hope moves on quickly

2) Skinny Jeans - Now before I get attacked let me explain. Yes, they do look good on ultra skinny girls with minimal curves. However, there are only about 4 of those girls in existence at any one time. They are typically worn by girls with larger feet and larger hips and they end up making the girls look MUCH larger than they really are. Maybe it's just because I was brought up when flared jeans were coming back but I will always be a boot cut type of girl.

3) Military style boots - I think those speak for themselves really.

4) Crocs (crock of shit??) - No...please God no. If you are wearing them to garden or possibly to work that's fine. But if you aren't an adorable 4 year child then you shouldn't be wearing them.

5) Uggs - the issue with Uggs is that people don't generally wear them when it's cold. They are worn with denim skirts (vomit) and jean shorts (double vomit). If it is warm enough to wear those outfits then fur boots aren't necessary. However, if you are from the Artic then please by all means wear your Ugg boots with pride! I must also point out... uggs...ugly...really it's just too easy.

6) Denim button up shirts - I can't help but remember 2nd grade when I see these. I think mine had Mickey Mouse on it.

7) Toms - Maybe I just don't get it or something??

8) Shoulder pads - I only like these in Peacoats or certain business suits. Most of the time they just make things look too masculine.

Obviously I'm not a fashion guru and I don't ever want to be. I prefer to be comfortable over fashionable and I'm ok blending into a crowd. I just like clothes that look good on me and are my style. I will never wear something because someone else does or because I feel like I'm supposed to. Hate it if you want to but at least it's my opinion :)