Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Time for Some Bitching

Ugh these are driving me crazy. It sucks because some of my favorite people are doing them but I refuse to get on twitter and be forced to buy shit for a dog I don't even have. I totally understand making money on youtube and even on blogs. Those are tailored towards the topic I'm watching. I'd expect to watch a big guru do a video on CoverGirl and then see a CoverGirl ad by their video. Hello...that makes sense. But no I don't want to create movies, buy dog food, buy sunglasses or any of the above stupid stuff. It seems really desperate to me and disrespectful. I completely agree that it is your twitter and you can post whatever you want but there is a difference between writing about a topic people don't like and greedily posting ridiculous ads to make a few bucks. Hate me if you want to but don't get pissed when you try to DM me and it says "i'm sorry but Callisonannee isn't following you". Thanks but if I wanted to be apart of your money scam then I'd jump on that bandwagon too.

This reminds me of another thing I hate..."Please RT I'm trying to get to 1 million subscribers and i'm only 999,999 away!!!". Dear person, I'm already following you...meaning I already am subscribed to you. I don't want to be constantly spammed with you begging me to beg other people to subscribe. Honestly I don't want people just to subscribe to me because Jimmy John asks them to. Before I get hated on, yes i've had shoutouts before but I didn't ask for them. I may have said on twitter "wow i'm only 5 away from 100" but I have NEVER posted my own link and or begged for a retweet. Y'all will realize this when I get to hold my first contest (once I get some money). Once I post the video I will mark in my email the last subscriber and only those previously subscribed may enter the contest. I feel like contests are for people who actually watch my videos and not people who subscribe, enter the contest, bitch about losing and then unsubscribe. No thanks!

Shew...I feel better now :)

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  1. Have I told you lately how much I adore you? Thank you for saying exactly how I feel.