Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Goody

This is a bit of a re-promote but it's a really good one. I have a youtube video about the Victoria's Secret Ultimate makeup kit (link at the bottom). I just learned it is back out again for this year. I am going to search for a coupon code if I can find one. If I can't find it now i'll keep looking and get it on here asap. This kit is totally awesome. It has a ton of great eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip gloss, blushes, bronzer and a translucent powder. It also comes with some not so great brushes, a red lip liner (BAD), and a black eyeliner. I'm not really sure how great the eyeliner is because I don't really use pencil eyeliners. The idea of splinters sorta terrifies me. Once I got this kit I used it religiously for a long time. I was amazed at the quality of the eyeshadows and the blushes are super pigmented. The only negative is that I don't own this kit anymore. I gave it to a girl in my nursing class who is a makeup junkie. It was certainly not because I disliked it but more that I knew I had plenty of other things to play with. I hope you check this one out for a great kit. It is wonderful as an all inclusive kit for travel just be sure it is protected in your bag due to the mirror. They have also released a mega makeup kit that has more options. I assume the quality is the same but I have not personally ever seen it. I was also told it would be just $25 for black friday in the comments under my video so that is totally awesome :)

Youtube Video

Makeup Kit - $29.50

Mega Makeup Kit - $44.00

Keep in mind that coupon codes expire often so this one may or may not work for you. I will try my best to keep it updated with the newest and most dependable codes. For the record most of my codes come from Retail Me Not It is a fabulous site that I use all the time. You can also google Store Name + coupons code/promotional code/offer code (best bet is to look at the site and see what jargon they use for their codes) If I do not have a code on here and you are going to purchase from any site please @reply me on twitter and ask first. I am all about deals.  - Callisonannee

First code is FA1023785 - this is for $15 off of $100 or more. Expires 12/15 - this would be great if you are purchasing for multiple people

Also checkout the sites for Black Friday. Free shipping is very likely and % off is common too. Enjoy :)


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