Thursday, October 28, 2010

Update and New Obsession

Yes, I am still alive. School has been crazy busy lately. We have a test pretty much every two weeks and we have to make at least an 80 in the class to pass. Luckily i'm doing really well on my tests. We also have 12 hour clinicals each week and that has been insane. I'm in a group of 5 and I was the first to have two patients. (eeekk). So for the last 3 out of 4 weeks I've had two patients. One week both of my patients went home the night before. The weird thing is these patients are on a progressive care unit with tele so they all have heart conditions. Meaning each one gets around 15 medications at 10 am alone. So for two patients both with >10 meds at 10 am I have 1 hour to report to my instructor and physically give the medications. At the same time it is really awesome. I feel honored that my instructor chose me plus I actually had an instructors family member as a patient. <--totally honored to be trusted that much. I am just counting down until May and graduation. Then i'll be all worried about the NCLEX-RN which I have to pass to be a nurse. So back to fun stuff.

My newest obsession has been nails. I have been a nail biter all my life which is the worst habit ever. I quit when I got married for a few months but started again with nursing school. Then I quit after I got a horrible cold but school started it again. Well recently I have stopped again. The key to stopping is to have a reason. My reason is always my health. I get horrible colds and I know that is why. My immune system isn't great but biting my nails makes it 100000x worst. So anyways the way I stop is to ALWAYS paint my nails. Even if it is only clear nail polish it makes a huge difference. But painting my nails is also a stress relieving type of thing which has lead to LOTS of painting. I wanted to post some pictures of recent favorites and i'll be sure to take pictures as I do more designs. (Some of these are from sites I have seen so don't go crazy that i'm copying everyone because well....I am) First two are feet so let all the creepy feet people flock here haha

Vampire Toes 
Frankenstein Toes 
Packman ghosts. They are the appropriate colors
and their eyes are going the correct direction 
Packman. I figured it would stand out better on a
black nail. 
Mario mushrooms

Up close of the design
Halloween nails right hand

Halloween nails left hand

So basically I've been painting my nails a lot. I'll make a conscious effort to take pictures of each design I do. They generally only last a day or two with work. Plus I can't have them for clinicals so they get clear polish on Tuesday and Wednesday. Hope you all like the designs :)


  1. So cute! I love the Vampire and Pac Man ones! =)

  2. I think the design on your toes last night is my favorite! Although I really am impressed by frankenstein. What do you use?? Like a nail pen??

  3. I actually used toothpicks and a lead pencil with a sharp tip :)