Monday, March 29, 2010

Picture Blog Day 1

Today marks the beginning of my picture blog. There will be pictures of stuff I do during the day (may or may not contain myself) and then random pictures I take during the day. The random ones might just involve something that crossed my path during the day or looked fun. Hope you like it :) Some pictures will have captions but not all.

Rain boots for a super rainy day :)
Bag is totally going to break...
Such a badass symbol on my car :)
Speaks for itself...
Busy little ants :)

Case for my jumpdrive 

The rest of my night :(


  1. What's the 5th thing down of? Love your mac computer.

    Great first post!


  2. It's just some berry on a tree near our apartment. Thanks :)

  3. I can see that. Haha, I stink at picking things out. Well, unless it's related to fashion. My guess was either a cherry tomato on a stick or a sucker. HAHA! :)