Tuesday, March 16, 2010

School will kill me...

I finally got my clinical paperwork back today...blahhh. I didn't do horrible but it's hard because we have two different instructors. Unfortunately I had the more lenient one last semester and the tougher one this semester. I have to re-do my nursing diagnosis but as I was doing it I knew it seemed kinda wrong haha. Did I go talk to her and ask her why?? Umm nahhh too easy. I have class from 8-10:30 tomorrow then home to get all my paperwork finished and turned in by 2. At 2 I have to head to the hospital to get my patient assignment and do my paperwork for this week. We go over there and get our assigned patient then we meet the patient to make sure they don't go "OMG a student...no way in hell will I let some new kid work on me" haha. They do get asked by our teacher before we get our assignment. Sometimes family finds out and says no so hopefully that is not the case. Then we head somewhere in the hospital and sit at the computer to write down all our info on the patient. We can write down as much as we want but we can only use patient initials on our paperwork to protect their privacy. I plan on busting my butt to get my paperwork done early so I get more than 2 hours of sleep before the 12 hour shift....last week was very painful. School will just continue to get busier so I need to really get my butt moving and stay on top of it. Hope everything is going well for all of you. Spring Break in around 2 weeks :)

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