Monday, April 12, 2010


I thoroughly enjoyed my spring break meaning I also didn't film one single thing. I'm a failure haha. I honestly just wasn't in the mood to film and I refuse to film just to have enough videos. I hate when you can tell someone isn't in the mood to film. I have a checkoff today and then my week consists of studying and laundry (like 6 loads haha).  I'm hoping to get back into the groove and film some stuff. I have two great looks that I love and I'm excited to film those. One consists of using some drugstore stuff I kinda forgot I even had. I also want to film my summer foundation routine which I am loving a lot. I am trying to get back into the picture taking but I will lose my camera for a week while my parents are in Cancun so that kinda sucks. I also want to film the Never Have I Ever beauty edition TAG that Tracy and Stef did in their last video (eleventhgorgeous). I have some pretty good ones that I can use.

I cannot believe how quickly summer is coming up. I have classes all summer but we will be doing obstetrics and labor and deliver. If you don't already know that is what I want to specialize in. I love everything that relates to women's health and pregnancy. Hopefully i'll feel the same way at the end of the summer. Nursing school is going so fast yet also going so slow. It's very weird. I hope everyone is having a fantastic week and look out for some new videos from me :)

P.S. If you are an avid runner - my sister, dad, and husband are running in the Marine Corp Marathon on 10/31 in D.C. so my sister started a blog about her running, marathon training and general exercise stuff. Check it out if you are interested and follow it if you want to see the updates :) (she also has a masters in english so don't compare her grammar and whatnot with mine lol) She also recently lost 60 lbs so be sure to congratulate her on that :)

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