Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break

Ahh we have had a great spring break so far! Clay and the cats came down on friday and then I came on saturday after work. We went and ate BBQ and it was truly amazing. I'm not sure why but this place has the best BBQ I've ever had and trust me i've eaten a lot of BBQ. All week we have laid on the beach and eaten food all day. It has been amazing to catch up on sleep. I looked in the mirror today and was amazed at the difference in dark circles when you go from avg 2-3 hours of sleep to 9-10 hours. The only negative is that on monday night I had the worst tooth pain i've ever had in my life. On Tuesday I found a dentist on the island and paid 50 dollars for him to say "oh your wisdom tooth is causing pain on another tooth." Basically I just need to get my wisdom teeth out asap.

Beauty related - before I came down I picked up some of the Covergirl tinted moisturizer. I'm very impressed by it. I'm not a big fan of powder in the summer time because face it - no one has a perfectly matte face in the dead of summer. This is an excellent moisturizer and provides a nice light coverage. I just use concealer in the problem areas and it looks really good. I got mine in light to medium and it matches perfectly. I've heard good stuff about Clinique's tinted moisturizer but I just don't want to pay that much for it. I've been bad with filming videos down here :(. The problem is the time where the lighting is best is also the time where we are at the beach. Our day generally consists of wake up, eat lunch or pack lunch, go to the beach, shower, go to dinner, watch tv, and then go to bed. This house has horrible lighting at night time because it's just a vacation home. I most likely won't get one up until I go home but I have a few planned that I'm super excited about. I had the chance to go to ulta today but i've decided to continue saving up for the MAC To The Beach collection. My order will be placed at midnight the day it comes out and i'm super excited for it. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week :)

I have some pictures to post but they are on the camera which is downstairs and I'm super lazy right now. They will be up soon though I promise :)

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