Monday, April 12, 2010

Top 15 Childhood Memories Good and Bad

My sister suggested I do my top 15 childhood memories as a type of TAG :) These are in no particular order. Just a small glimpe into my life as a kid.

  1. Throwing up in Disney World in front of the Tower of Terror. Did I ride it? Um no. My sister just scared me so much about the actual ride plus shear exhaustion of being young and dragged all over disneyworld. It was just not a good day for Callie at all (I also threw up at a Braves game...all down my dads back as he carried me out of the stands)
  2. Trips at the beach to what we like to call the "Pantry" with my Papaw (grandfather) We would ride down together on his bicycle with me sitting in his lap.  Every time we went inside he'd joke that I had to pay for my own candy or I didn't get any. Every time he bought me more than I ever needed and told me not to tell Mom and Dad :)
  3. Along the same lines - Trips to McDonald's with my Papaw. Growing up, there was only one thing I ate at McDonalds that would be a "Kids-meal-cheeseburger-with-a-dr-pepper" <-- I could say this in about 2 seconds. Even if we had gone 7 kajillion times EVERY time we pulled up to order he would be like "what is it that you want again?" I'll never know if he as just joking but it cracked me up every time
  4. Watching Nascar with my dad on sunday mornings. I remember getting up and laying on the couch with him watching the races. Great sundays :)
  5. Anytime my parents went out and left my sister as my babysitter. The nights always went like this Sister - leave me alone and go do something else.  Me - fine see if I care. Then I would put on an old cheerleading uniform and eat chips and salsa until my stomach hurt so bad. I swear this was the same thing every single time
  6. Going to the beach with my mom. Growing up my mom was a stay at home mom so in the summer she would take me to the beach with her when she went. We would spend 2-3 weeks at my grandparents beach house. It was some of my favorite times :)
  7. Thinking that I could honestly marry my dog. We had a Lhasa Apso from when I was 5 until I was 20. We cut his hair short so he had this adorable scruffy look which suited him well because his name was Snuffie. He was as much a family member as anyone else and I couldn't understand as a kid why I couldn't marry him. He was the perfect man :)
  8. Playing kick the can with my sister and all the neighborhood kids. It's a game where you hide and the "it' person tries to find you. The only way to prevent being tagged was to run out to where the "it" person couldn't see you and kick a 2 liter bottle stuffed with sticks and rocks. Then you were safe and couldn't be tagged. We would play until our parents deemed it too late and pulled us in. 
  9. Staying up until 5 am with my best friend and laying in the road in our neighborhood during the hot summer nights. Then running like little girls when a strange creepy truck drove up the road. Then feeling like morons when we realized it was the newspaper man and not the creepy rapist that we thought 
  10. My awesome/fantastic/massive sleepovers. Do I have a lot of friends now? Nope. Did I have a lot of friends in elementary school? You bet your ass I did. I would have sleepovers with 10-15 girls and we'd stay up in our basement dancing, playing, eating candy, and causing all sorts of mayhem. It was so much fun and I was always the last person awake. No surprise for most of you though.
  11. My infamous stand out of the crowd moment. In kindergarten I decided that taking swish (literally swishing a fluoride mixture in your mouth for a minute in school) was disgusting and I wouldn't do it. My teacher then put me in the back room to prevent the rest of the class from rebelling. I remember her trying to make me open my mouth to take the swish to which I did the ever obnoxious purse lips together and smile while shaking my head. Later that afternoon my mom picked me up to go to the dentist where I also refused to bite onto the mouth tray with fluoride foam on it. Needless to say when my already irate mother got home to listen to the message from my kindergarten teacher about my day at was not a fun time for me. However I never had to do swish again :) We call this my Norma Rae moment
  12. Waking up in my parents bed between them with no knowledge of walking in there. I had a horrible time as a kid sleeping in my room so i'd go to my sisters first only to be kicked out of her bed (literally) then i'd go to my parents and be promptly sent back to my room. Somewhere in there I developed an ability to sleep walk into there room without waking them at all or me. It was pretty awesome.
  13. Escaping my parents baby safe room. One day my parents had to take my sister to school (about 1 mile away (but didn't want to take me with them) Since I was a baby they tied my room door shut (it opened into the room so they tied it to the door across the hallway). Somehow when they got home I was out of the room. They still to this day have no idea how I did it. Ninja Callie
  14. My grandparents beach house had a downstairs outside shower. As a kid I hated it and never wanted to use it. I remember running up the back steps and knocking on the back door. I was then met by my Nanny (grandmother) who picked me up and put me into the bathtub. She always says she will never forget seeing me as a kid at the backdoor asking to be put into the bath.
  15. The HOURS I spent in the tub as a kid. I loved taking baths. I don't mean like "oh i kinda liked them" I mean that I could spend literally hours in a tub until the water went cold and I had to drain and refill the tub. I also used to take the small bathroom dixie cups, tear them into to shapes and glue them onto the doors of the shower. By glue I mean I used bar soap and stuck them onto the door. I was quite proud of this and always made my parents look at my creation. I'm sure that is how Picasso started :)


  1. BRILLIANT! Damn if we didn't eat a lot of chips and salsa! :-)

  2. Hahaha true that. I will never forget sitting in the cheerleading uniforms at the game table being in pure agony vowing to NEVER do that again. Never worked though :)