Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Never Have I Ever - Extended Version

I was trying to think of a fun tag to do on here and I tweeted it and lovesparksxo.blogspot.com or
on twitter prettyinpink006 tagged me to do her Never Have I Ever TAG - Beauty Edition. I posted a video yesterday on my youtube channel about it but this way I can do an extended edition and I can do some additional things that aren't only beauty. :)

1) Never have I ever bought an OPI nail polish
- I'm not sure why but I think it's because I've just never had the opportunity to buy them

2) Never have I ever gotten a perm
Um....I have enough frizz but thanks anyways

3) Never have I ever bought a clothing item that cost more than $200 (or so) dollars.
Yes...that includes my wedding dress. It retailed for over $1,200 but we got the last one in DB and it was my size

4) Never have I ever had anything waxed
Not my face or body. I'm not against it at all but I've just never really done it

5) Never have I ever worn a bright lipstick excluding my cheerleading years
I am still traumatized by the bright red lipstick in elementary school...ahh the horror!!!

6) Never have I ever worn my hair down an entire day.
As soon as I don't have to be pretty anymore or I get home my hair goes up. I do not understand how people wear their hair down all the time...or without putting it behind their ears...ahhh it's just bad

7) Never have I ever been able to stick to a skin care regimen
I change mine all the time and I'm horrible at staying on schedule

8) Never have I ever worn braids in public after 4th grade
It's just not a good look on me...at all

9) Never have I ever worn black nail polish.
Not a fan at all

10) Never have I ever worn volumized hair.
I don't like a lot of volume in my hair. It looks horrible!!!

11) Never have I ever worn a french braid.
My mom couldn't french braid and by the time my friends were old enough to do it I looked silly with one.

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  1. Lol, Calli, I have never worn my hair down an entire day either, but Michelle my twin sister does everyday.

    It drives me batty!