Thursday, April 1, 2010

Regular Post

I just wanted to do a real quick post since I'm not able to put pictures up tonight. I took some amazing pictures at the beach today but then I had to rush to the hospital to get my clinical assignment and then we have to look up and know all our meds and look up the patients history and what not. Needless to say we get our assignments at 2pm and I'm just finishing up my paperwork right now at 12:03 AM. Ugh i'm a tired lady. I will be on the floor tomorrow from 7am-5:30pm and then we have post conference from 5:30pm-7pmish. I have also had some weird things going on with school that I can't really discuss so that ate up some of my time today with my paperwork. Either way I start spring break tomorrow night as soon as we are done. I'm so excited to have some free time which translates to - do what I want and study every second I'm not doing something fun. My beach reading will be about neuromuscular assessments and diabetes :(. We have our hardest test coming up first of May and I'm not excited about that at all. I really want to start studying for both final tests and finals waaay in advance. Just pray that tomorrow goes well and that I heal my patient and we also get out early (haha yeah right). Thanks for everything!!!

Have a great April Fool's Day

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